Pawn & Co.

There’s no day like Tuesday to throw a party, and when we were in Melbourne the effervescent Helen Reizer invited us to the relaunch of Pawn & Co. in Prahan.

Pawn and Co. are a eclectic bar and club venue that is as whacky as it is fun. Stepping inside the entrance, you’re met with four blank walls. Push against the right one and you’ll find yourself inside a steam-punk wonderland, with old tram carriages for booths, church organ bars and a Dalek vending machine, all of which are for sale. In theme with the name, everything in Pawn & Co., from the decor, the seating and the glasses, are all for sale.

The signature drink here is the Gunpowder Long Island Iced-Tea, a fiery combination of multiple rums, juice and garnished with a flaming passionfruit. Knock a few of these back and it’s likely you’ll find yourself asleep under the organ.

Bar snacks came in the form of tiny sandwiches, sliders and trays of candy. If you’re planning on downing a few of those iced-teas, head our warning and indulge in a few of these delicious bar treats (or deal with the roaring hangover in the morning).

Pawn and Co. can be found at 177 Greville St, Prahan.

Photos: Pawn & Co. Facebook and Jim Lee

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