Pellelucent: An Isolation Glow Up

melissa zahorujko pellelucent

Isolation has been average. But I think my skin would argue differently.

It’s been two months in isolation and one month since I started using Pellelucent skincare. And I’m not exaggerating when I say my skin has never looked better. I cannot for the life of me remember when I last had a pimple.

Now whether or not I can attribute part of that change to the make-up free days in isolation, I still cannot deny that Pellelucent has had something to do with it. It’s been a bit of a glow-up period for my skin.

Recently, a lovely friend working for the emerging Australian skincare brand organised some influencer gifting for us. Compiled into two neat little packages, we were sent two of their products each: the Age Management Cream and the Age Management Lotion. As the years come hurtling faster and my teenage memories fade quicker and quicker, I’ve come to a sad conclusion. 25 years-old is probably a good age to start thinking about preserving my youthful appearance. Yep, that calls for some age management solutions… sigh.


Well yes, I may be getting old, but thankfully surgery is not needed (I mean, not just yet)… Pellelucent’s been doing the job just fine. Since using the Age Management Cream as a twice-daily face moisturiser, I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in the appearance of my skin. It looks plumper, feels softer, and is (for once in my life) totally blemish-free. The lotion has also been doing wonders for my legs. I have had approximately 0 dry patches in the past few weeks – hurrah!

Of course, the fact that I have been cooped up at home and have actually been able to take time out to engage in a dedicated skincare routine is helping my case. But now that I’ve cemented a good routine, I certainly won’t be breaking it when life goes back to normal again. The results have been astounding.


Not only have these products actually been effective in doing exactly as they’re advertised to do (believe us, many skincare products out there do not), they’re packaged beautifully as well. This makes them a wonderful gift option. The sleek gold hue and the rounded geometric edges definitely give Pellelucent’s products a distinctly luxurious vibe. They look great standing on your bedside table or bathroom shelf.

pellelucent age management cream


Upon first application, the fresh aroma hits instantly for both the cream and lotion. The scent is not overbearing, unlike some scented moisturisers out there. It’s just a burst of freshness that leaves you feeling soothed and satisfied. Both offer a texture that is quite lightweight and velvety on application. In just minutes, the products absorb, meaning after using the face moisturiser, your skin is ready for a full face of makeup.

For me, owning a quick-dry moisturiser is really necessary for my morning skincare routine. I’m usually rushing to get out of the house and need to apply makeup QUICK. Now that I am returning back to the office and wearing makeup every day again, it’s become a necessity again.

To shop the Pellelucent range, follow the link to their official website here. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to hit us up with an Insta DM at @the.adelaidian!

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