Photo Diary: Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands

On our recent trip to Scotland, we quite frankly fell in love with Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands. As suckers for dramatic landscapes and history, we could not have been more rapt to visit the glorious land of haggis, tartan and bagpipes.

A day trip to the Highlands with Rabbie’s Tours took us through quaint villages, snowy mountains, icy lakes (or ‘lochs’ as they’d say in Gaelic) and even Loch Ness monster-hunting. The breathtaking scenery had us feeling like we were on some kind of movie set, reminiscent of scenes from Bravehart or Outlander. Our tour guide Nicky had us getting into the Scottish spirit, playing traditional Gaelic beats in the bus and telling us immersive stories about Mary the Queen of Scots. The experience was just divine and certainly one worth recommending. For those interested in the tour we took, you can find more information at

Exploring the city of Edinburgh had us captivated by the sheer beauty and, of course, the rich history. Every step you take in this city takes you back to the medieval times, winding through stone-walled alleyways and traipsing the cobblestone paving. You can really sense the stories of the streets dating back all those centuries ago. We took some time out to discover what lies within the famous Edinburgh Castle, as well as hop between the local bars and pubs. What was so interesting was that many of the venues we visited still retained their old stone walls and infrastructure, testifying for the city’s dedication to preserving its rich heritage.

Scotland, we cannot wait to return. Anyways, back to London for us now!

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