Photo Diary: Playing with Tia Dorraine’s ‘Look Builder’

Hop onto Tia Dorraine‘s website and you can find yourself stuck on the Look Builder for hours, playing around with different colours, styles and outfits.

The easiest way for us to describe the Look Builder is by comparing it to Cher’s closet on Clueless. You know, when she styles her iconic yellow checked outfit on this funky little 90’s looking computer programme? So CUTE!

When Tia Dorraine approached us for a collaboration together, we were beyond excited to play with this concept. For two girls who love mixing and matching anything, whether it’s pairing different foods on an antipasto spread, experimenting with condiments on a hotdog or swatching tones for a new makeup look, we love to blend, fuse, merge and create.

Not only are the pieces on Tia Dorraine both ultra flattering and trendy in design, they’re made of these lush, quality fabrics that feel expensive the moment you put them on. Think cute crop tops, ruffle midi skirts, asymmetrical hems and streamline pencil skirts. The combinations are classic, feminine and are ultimately elegant designs for the modern woman.

Below, we’ve compiled a photo diary of the gorgeous outfits we created below. Perhaps try hopping onto the Look Builder here to see if you can recreate these looks, or make a completely new look of your own. We must warn you again: it’s totally addictive and can have you distracted for hours upon hours!

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