Photo Diary: Our Sister’s Wardrobe Christmas Threads

There are just so many reasons to love Chrismas time. The fairylit streets, the mulled wine, the gift-giving and the long-awaited Christmas feast at the end of it all… it truly is the most magical time of the year.

On top of all this, we’ve had a whole lot of fun picking our Christmas outfits. Being our first cold Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve had to switch from bikinis and floating sundresses to layers upon layers of woollen jumpers. Yes, it’s freezing up in these parts, but we’re not complaining (not as much as we thought we would anyway)! In all honesty, it really feels like a first proper Christmas; a wintery, snowy one, just like we’ve seen in all the movies.

While the weather has called for a whole new wardrobe, we aren’t trading it all in for dark colours and conserved turtle necks (as one might assume winter in London is all about). No no no, forget the idea that winter is for solely navies and blacks, we’re injecting colours and prints into our winter wardrobe with Our Sister’s Wardrobe! Having just dropped some new stock, the lovely ladies from OSW got in touch to collaborate over the festive season. Naturally, we put together some fun outfits to shoot a little photo diary together, just before heading off to Plymouth in the south for Christmas period.

Our location of choice was probably not the best one to pick on a busy Sunday evening; however, images of Covent Garden’s aesthetic Christmas displays had been thrown in our faces all of December, with many of our favourite bloggers visiting the scene to snap some seasonal shots. We simply had to go check it out for ourselves, whether that meant literally lining up in a cue for our chance to pose in front of a decorated car.

Mel chose to photograph a stunning leopard print wrap dress, featuring flared sleeves and a seductive plunge neckline. This dress worked perfectly with red accessories; we thought it would be an excellent choice for Christmas functions and parties. It’s also worthy to note that the floaty wrap design means you can eat as much as you possibly want, without the worry of bloating.

Kristen paired a highly festive gold metallic pleat skirt, which can pair with anything from t-shirts and turtle-necks for daywear, to cute bustiers and crop tops for the evening. She chose to style it appropriate for the winter weather with a warm thermal top, a leather jacket and ankle boots.

Have a little look at our photo diary below for a little London Christmas inspo.

Photo Diary: Our Sister's Wardrobe Christmas Threads Melissa Zahorujko and Kristen Byass

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