Pricasso the Naked Painter: Adelaide Fringe Festival

I’m just going to cut to the chase. Since 2004, Pricasso, the alter ego of former Queensland builder Tim Patch has made a living by painting portraits with his manhood. Yes, you read that correctly. Pricasso used all of ‘that’ area to paint 2 portraits over the duration of his brand new 60 minute art and comedy show.

When he first emerged from backstage, I think the audience could all silently agree that Patch has quite a ‘fit bod’ for a man in his late 60s. It was only when he ripped out his bits, dipped them in paint and started working on the canvas that my espresso martini started to disappear quite quickly and the giggles started to take over.

Patch began with a painting of a woman on the beach while telling a narrative of how he fell into his current profession. The story of Patch’s career as an artist was almost lost though over the background music and his frequent rambling off on tangents, which although entertaining didn’t quite have a clear direction.

His flamboyant ‘bondage’ themed attire which left nothing to the imagination was soon overlooked along with his comedic storytelling as I became fascinated with how intricate and detailed his art really was.

The small and intimate venue, along with the close-up projection of the artwork creation behind Patch  meant there was no where to hide from the tan banana.

During the second act, Patch emerged completely naked aside from pink cowboy boots, a top hat and a bow tie and proceeded to paint a portrait of two lucky/unlucky audience members who were absolute champions throughout the whole ordeal.

To top it off, when Pricasso signed his name on the finished portrait he was assisted by a paint brush which he stuck ‘in there’. The room was quickly filled with groans from the men in the room. Use your imagination if you’d like to know why… or don’t.

Patch is truly a unique character and although his show still needs a few adjustments, his finished art works were impressive.

If there is anything I can recommend, have more than a few drinks before you see it because – even writing this now – I can’t unsee it.

Pricasso is playing at The Bally, Tandanya Cafe and The Bakehouse Studio Theatre. Click here for more details and dates.

★★★ 3/5 stars
This event is strictly 18+ (obvs!)

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