Probiotic Skin Mylck by esmi: An Australian First

Esmi Skin Mylck

Esmi Skin Minerals recently became the first skincare brand to use 100% Australian made probiotics with their spanking new Skin Mylck range. Being the skincare enthusiasts we are, we were stoked to get our hands on some gifted samples a few weeks back.

There’s no doubt you’d have heard the word ‘probiotic’ thrown around before. These days, we tend hear about it more than ever before. The probiotics market is absolutely huge and continues to grow in popularity, as we all learn more about keeping healthy and what’s good for our bodies.

But what exactly is it?

A probiotic is basically a combination of live beneficial bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally live in your body. This type of ‘good bacteria’ can help remove bad bacteria and maintain a healthy balance. Esmi’s Skin Mylck range uses a concentrated dose of probiotic function called a ‘lysate’, which offers a whole load of awesome health benefits. Think anti-inflammation, antiallergy, antioxidising and stabilising — all the good stuff!

Esmi Skin Mylck
Our exciting esmi delivery!

Having used the product for a month now, we’ve really enjoyed incorporating it into our morning skin routine. We use Skin Mylck after cleansing our face and putting on serum, mixing a few drops of the product in with a moisturiser, then finishing with our daily face SPF. Being super lightweight and refreshing, it’s the ultimate kickstart to our morning.

We love its velvety and ‘mylcky’ consistency, as well as its odourless finish. The product itself offers a very luxurious and silky feel. On top of that, the little bottle also comes packaged in the cutest milk carton shaped box! It’s attention-to-detail like this that makes all the difference.

The Skin Mylck range by esmi includes four hero products:

  • The original Skin Mylck
  • The Skin Mylck + Brightening
  • The Skin Mylck + Hydration and;
  • The Skin Mylck + Anti-Redness

With a versatile selection designed to target different problem areas, there’s a Mylck to suit every skin type.

Head over to the esmi website to get your hands on a bottle, or to simply learn more about their stuff. Being vegan, cruelty-free, Australian-made and designed with recyclable packaging, they’re definitely a skincare brand worth checking out.

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