Protein Balls Adelaide proves well worth the wait

The official opening of the long-awaited PBA Coffee House late last month was a welcome one, with keen customers still pouring into the popular Torrensville location since.

But an actual store-slash-cafe must’ve seemed inevitable, especially when Protein Balls Adl was already an established name around the city – not only as a popular wholesaler – but also with their previous commercial kitchen operations in Regency Park.

And their success can easily be attributed to their premium products. Proudly raw and impressively handmade (with plant-based ingredients), PBA specialises in protein balls, cakes, slices and as of recent, smoothie bowls that can now be savoured with a coffee at the newly-opened café.

Another selling point for PBA is their wide-range of soy, gluten and dairy free cakes as well as other vegan-friendly sweets; many of which can be made-to-order for your next soirée and are likely to be more palatable to your health-conscious guests.

Without a doubt, the best part is that they are refined sugar free and, thankfully, also free of any toothache-inducing, overly-decadent desserts. Without becoming sickeningly sweet, PBA boasts an almost guilt-free alternative that still seems to satisfy any shameful cravings.

For a Saturday brunch date, post-gym replenishment or a quick afternoon caffeine fix, visit the PBA Coffee House at 208 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville, 5031. And/or to get a better idea of their delectable creations, head to their Instagram or Facebook page.

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