Punk Rave x Esa Liang x Light & Shadow | LFW SS20

A buzzy 3PM show brought Punk Rave, Esa Liang and Light & Shadow together in one room for a runway of bold designs by largely undiscovered designers. Hosted by Fashion Scout, the two solo designers and one design academy showcased vastly different styles, giving us loads of versatility to keep us on our toes for each look.

The opener was hands down our favourite. Punk Rave, as the name suggests, was edgy, sexy and daring in all the right ways. Feeding into the punk aesthetic, there was plenty of seductive lacing, buckles, high splits and corsets to go around. The collection was entirely monochromatic and, while the all-whites were the opening looks for the show, we think the all-black outfits were the winners. Embodying power-dressing at its finest, we loved the black latex underwear-meets-lace-flares combination. These trousers flowed so gracefully in motion, it was impossible to tear our eyes away with each step. We also loved the seamless pairing of the BDSM-like latex corset with a feminine lace skirt. Would definitely wear every single look to a night out at The Box, Soho.

The following designer, Esa Liang, targets an audience of modern, independent women who “want to be stylish and original”. We saw big hats and big shoulders take centre stage in most of her looks, with pops of colour here and there. Our favourite was a combination of shorts and long sleeved crop top baring embellished shoulder pads. The overall collection had really lovely structure and silhouettes.

The Light & Shadow Global Fashion Design Academy were the last on display, comprised of senior fashion teachers and outstanding students from the China-based school. As student runways tend to be, looks were creative, quirky and offbeat, experimenting with asymmetries and various textures. We were so for the front split red-and-black trousers with the boxy red blazer and cap. A total rock chick vibe.

Thanks POP PR for having us!

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