Real Techniques drop some hot new makeup brushes you need for your collection

real techniques makeup brushes

Isolation has been a great time to tick all those things off your to-do list you’ve been meaning to do for ages, but never have time for. One of those things we’ve been spending a lot of time on (and you know you should too, let’s be real), is giving our makeup brushes the serious TLC they’ve been deprived of for yonks. Lucky for us, Real Techniques have a couple of hot new brush launches to breathe life into our old collections.

If you’re anything like us, you definitely wash your makeup brushes less than you should. We know, it’s super gross, but usually we’re out all day every day, and by the time we get home the last thing we want to do is spend an hour scrubbing our makeup brushes. However, iso has given us PLENTY of time to get on that, and it’s one of the first things we did. Real Techniques have loads of handy tools to help you clean your brushes and keep them in good condition, from Makeup Brush Cleanser to Brush Cleansing Palettes to a Stick and Store Drying Rack. You can check them all out here.

One thing Real Techniques are known for are their amazing brush sets. They’re incredibly great value for money, and often include exclusive brushes you can’t purchase individually. The latest addition to their brush sets is the Artist Essentials, which we’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on. It comes with five brushes, covering your face, eyes and lips, and is designed to be added to any collection after the Everyday Essentials set.

Another new release from Real Techniques is their Custom Complexions collection. Including three brushes, complexion, cheek and contour, they can be controlled by a slider to pack the bristles tightly together for heavier coverage and a more concentrated application, slid to medium for medium overage or pushed all the way out for a natural, lighter coverage. These brushes are available to be purchased separately from the Real Techniques website and Priceline.

Aside from these new additions, Real Techniques have so many makeup bag staples that every girl should have. They’re a super high-quality but really affordable brush brand started by sisters Sam & Nic Chapman, who also have loads of handy tutorials on their YouTube channel Pixiwoo. These are amazing for both newbies learning how to apply makeup, and seasoned pros looking to brush (lol) up on their skills.

Our makeup collections are looking so stunning and fresh now with our clean brushes and new additions thanks to Real Techniques. We’re so ready to slay our makeup looks when we’re all safely allowed to come out of iso!

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