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We’ve seen him once, we’ve seen him twice, we’ve seen him three… four… five times now? Yes, it’s the ever fabulous Reuben Kaye and his ponytail-whipping mic, a Fringe must-see for lovers of cabaret and quick wit.

This Australian showman sure knows how to charm his guests, and also knows how to make them feel wildly uncomfortable at the same time. Handpicking his victims from rows in the front, centre and back, no man was safe from the flirtatious, fluttering eyelashes of Kaye.

The show incorporated all the reasons why we love him so much: exceptional singing, crude humour, sexual innuendos and a glittering outfit we couldn’t tear our eyes from. Everybody’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man, ain’t that right? Throughout the duration of the spectacle, we found out a little about Reuben’s life, how he experienced high school coming out as gay and growing up with super tall, intimidatingly talented performers as parents (it all makes sense now). And while listening to his stories, we enjoyed jabs of sharp humour every step of the way, keeping things light and comical at all times.

When you’ve seen Kaye like, five times, it’s surprising that going to see the show is still not a chore. Although some jokes are carried throughout, they simply never get old, and with a fresh audience on his hands each time, the opportunities are endless for new jokes to evolve. Do yourself a favour and book tickets when you next get the chance; Kaye guarantees a polished performance and a bucketful of laughs every time.

★★★★★   5/5 stars

Video and cover image: Reuben Kaye YouTube

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