Rob Roy hosts Pirate Life Brewing

Having collaborated with the likes of Hilltop Hoods and Madame Hanoi, there is no doubt that Pirate Life Brewing have made quite the presence for themselves in Adelaide.

Just this week, Pirate Life took to beer and whiskey haven, Rob Roy Hotel on Halifax Street, to present a delicious five course dinner with paired craft beers.

The night was hosted by Mick, co-operator of Pirate Life, who enlightened us with knowledge on all things beer and Pirate Life throughout the duration of our dinner.

Rob Roy ft. Pirate Life dinner set up

Rob Roy ft. Pirate Life dinner set up

We certainly learnt a few new things, like the fact that producing beer in cans can actually eliminate the possibility of light affecting the beer and oxidising fermentation, which is primarily why Pirate Life choose only to produce with cans!

We also heard more about the collaboration the brewery took on with aussie hip hop icons Hilltop Hoods, who actually approached Pirate Life in the hopes of connecting with a brand that holds similar ethos to their own.

Pirate Life Pale Ale

Pirate Life Pale Ale

Rob Roy’s paired dinner was nothing short of indulgent, and was just one of many ‘Society Dinners’ put on regularly by the venue. Due to having the biggest whiskey collection in Adelaide and an extensive selection of beers, the Rob Roy Society Dinners normally include a beer or whiskey component; the nights could range anywhere between a make-your-own masterclass or an information session combined with degustation!

Both Rob Roy and Pirate Life started the beer theme off strong, combining a heavy, dense Beer Damper dish and the Pirate Life NZ Hopco Pale Ale offered upon arrival. As everyone took their seats, the presentation commenced and a second course was served; Spicy Fish Taco with the Pale Ale.

Spicy Fish Taco Rob Roy The Adelaidian

Spicy Fish Taco

Rob Roy’s Fish Taco achieved the perfect amount of spice and crunch, exuding those comforting Southern American flavours we all know and love. The dish was completed with a salsa including tomato, onion, cucumber and avocado, and salty fried fish skin crushed on top which somewhat alluded to the fishy version of pork crackle (it was our favourite part!).

Chicken Korma and Pirate Life IPA The Adelaidian Rob Roy

Chicken Korma and Pirate Life IPA

Satisfied and ready for the next course, we each received a serving of Chicken Korma which came tastefully paired with Pirate Life’s pleasantly hoppy IPA. The Chicken Korma’s presentation was aesthetically appealing, layering the rice, korma and crushed papadum from the base up. The chicken was served pulled and delightfully tender, smothered in a rich, red-orange sauce and alongside a dollop of fresh yogurt with mango chunks to offset the heaviness of the korma.

Lamb Shank on buttery mash Rob Roy The Adelaidian

Lamb Shank on buttery mash

Pirate Life Stout The Adelaidian

Pirate Life Stout

Lamb Shanks The Adelaidian Rob Roy

Someone loves their lamb shanks!

Our final savoury item was the Stout Braised Lamb Shank served with Pirate Life’s dark Stout, as if we weren’t full enough already! This Lamb Shank was perhaps our favourite of the night purely because of it’s satisfying tenderness and fulfilling characterstics, offering hearty lamb meat on top of a soft, buttery mash. The meat broke of the bone effortlessly, and was cooked to an appetising pink colour. The fact that it had been dry roasted meant the meat was a lot firmer, too, making for a wonderfully textural experience alongside the contrasting smoothness of mash potato. Complete with a rich gravy, we couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish off this warm winter dish. The Stout’s rich coffee and chocolate flavour profile also worked excellently with the lamb.

IMG_0439 (Large)

To end our time at Rob Roy Hotel, we dug into a sweet Citrus Crumble served with the Golden Era Golden Ale – a tasty result of Pirate Life’s collaboration with Hilltop Hoods and their record label Golden Era Records. With seasalt, butterscotch, apricot, lemon, brittle caramel and a hardened pastry base, the delicious Crumble refreshed our palates and left us happily content.

A relaxed, boozy atmosphere combined with delectable eats and great people made Rob Roy’s Society Dinner a true success, as many of the attendees left with a brain full of new knowledge and new friends who share similar interests.

This week’s Society Dinner at Rob Roy will see Angostura host a make-your-own spiced rum on Thursday the 4th of August. To check out the list of Society Dinners Rob Roy are hosting this year, be sure to follow the link here and pick a favourite! Members get the best benefits, so be sure to read more about becoming a Rob Roy member on their official website.

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