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UniSA student Conner Reidy talks about his first Grindr experience
UniSA student Conner Reidy talks about his first Grindr experience

This past Friday night, West Oak Hotel hosted the opening night of the University of South Australia’s newest project, Showpony.

The event, funded by UniSA, creates a space for not only Creative Writing and Performance students, but for anyone who wants to strut their stuff on the public stage. This can be anything from music and theatre scenes, to slam poetry and stand-up comedy.

Organisers of Showpony, UniSA student Lachlan Blackwell and soon-to-be honours candidate Heather McGinn, were very impressed with the turn out and are excited for what’s to come.

“We hope to get these talented open-micers a bit of exposure, a little bit of experience on the stage in a pub, and we hope that everybody has a great time,” says Heather.

“It’s just a bunch of fun. We have a headline act at the end of all the open-mic’s. Great drinks, great company,” adds Lachlan.

The headline act, Peachy Keen, performed a bunch of classic covers and some of their own stuff to finish off the night.

“I think tonight was a big success; it really showcased a lot of talent that’s in the university at the moment. Coming off stage I was overwhelmed by the amount of support – everyone who went up their had so much support – and I have so much gratitude for the people who came out,” says lead singer, Cat Galligani.

If you are someone who can’t hide your creative side and is dying to share it with people who respect and honour your work, come to Showpony’s next show in March 2018. The event will be held monthly from then on with a different live band each time.

I took this opportunity to read out some of my own work– something I have never considered doing – and it was one of the most liberating and exciting things I’ve done in a long time.

That stage is where your eyes will open up to a whole new experience, and it’s addictive.

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