Rumpus Room: Antipasto with a view of London’s sparkling cityscape

Mel loves herself a glass of wine... or three.

There’s nothing quite like a good rooftop bar, and there’s certainly nothing like a good rooftop bar that overlooks the magical cityscape of London. Rumpus Room does just that, located riverside in the very heart of this famous city. A bright and effervescent space, the venue is a hotspot that’s full of life and unmistakable vibes.

We strolled in on a Wednesday evening to some soothing acoustics and a warming atmosphere, with friendly hostesses to take our coats and lead us to our table. While Rumpus Room do not normally take bookings for two – rather, they encourage walk-ins – we were afforded the opportunity to reserve a plush couch spot on behalf of Into App (we’ll chat about that a little later).

'Bright Young Things'' Neon Sign at Rumpus Room London

‘Bright Young Things’ Neon Sign at Rumpus Room London

The space was nothing short of decadent, complete with a tealight candles for mood lighting, cushy seating and a dominating living plant centrepiece. And, while that particular centrepiece had us feeling serious interior design envy (can someone say #interiorgoals?), it was the stretching view of the city that left us truly awe-inspired. Think Adelaide’s 2KW on steroids.

We sat down to some antipasto and wine, ordering a Charcuterie Board of fifteen cured meats, olives, baba ganoush, cornichons and sourdough, alongside the Artisanal Cheese Plate combining a selection of hard, soft and blue gourmet cheeses, pear jelly and celery. Rumpus Room’s food menu is a tapas wonderland, full of delightful grazing options such as crostini, crispy chicken bao, buttermilk popcorn chicken, truffle croque monsieur and so much more. It is the perfect menu to snack on while at after work drinks, or to share on a relaxed date night out over the weekend.

Charcuterie, cheese and wine at Rumpus Room London

Charcuterie, cheese and wine at Rumpus Room London

Rumpus Room offers live acoustic music on a Wednesday, however we were told by the hostesses that it becomes a little bit more ‘party-party’ on the weekends. Think a rotation of DJs and soft house music, with a bustling environment and drinks on the flow. It’s fabulous that the venue can cater to a more relaxed setting but also a lively one; we’ll make sure to head back on a vivacious Friday or Saturday night sometime very soon!

A little bit about Into App: we were recently introduced to this app by a new friend in London (thanks Monika!) and have been loving it. You basically apply to become a part of this somewhat ‘secret society’ of bloggers and, once accepted, you are exposed to a vast array of offers and events to choose from. Think four free cocktails at 3 Bar, a complimentary pizza at Bunga Bunga Battersea, £30 to spend in the Long Bar at Sanderson London and so much more; there’s even fitness sessions up for grabs! All that’s expected of you is an Instagram post and some general social media activity in return.

Rumpus Room London

Rumpus Room London

Stay tuned ‘cos we’ll certainly be doing more with Into. Keep updated via our social channels Instagram and Facebook, as well as our weekly blogs and vlogs to catch a glimpse into our newfound busy London lifestyle!

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