Say it with a slogan tee from Femme Luxe

So, your casual wardrobe is in dire need of spicing up. But where should you start? How about a slogan tee from Femme Luxe?

The slogan tee has been a staple casual piece for a while now. It seems as though it might never go out of trend. And it’s not hard to see why. We already know that a t-shirt is one of the most versatile basics you can have in your wardrobe. You can dress it up with a pencil skirt and heels for work, and dress it down to walk the dog with trackies and sneakers.

On top of that, any basic t-shirt is instantly levelled up with a slogan. A touch of typography on the front of your tee draws attention to your outfit and makes the whole look stand out. It’s also a fun way to inject some attitude into your style. If there’s a particular phrase or word that resonates with you, why not wear it on a tee and tell it how it is?

So, the slogan tee essentially pairs styling versatility with a sense of individual character. This match made in heaven makes it the perfect trend for everyone and anyone, and that, in turn, ensures its trendiness on the fashion scope for years to come.

Femme Luxe Slogan Tees

Femme Luxe have a vast range of slogan tees to choose from and we’ve been dabbling in their selection as of late. Some of the cute slogans include:

Mel recently picked up the slogan tee that reads: ‘Champagne is always the answer.’ The phrase itself is a touch of attitude, but it was actually the typography that led Mel to choose this one. The block type styles perfectly with her brand new designer handbag from Moschino. Not to mention the fit of this tee is superb; it’s slim, feminine shape and fitted sleeves make for an ultra-flattering silhouette.

Kristen chose the ‘Public Figure’ slogan tee from Femme Luxe. This basic white t-shirt also boasts a cool type font, making it a fun piece to wear with some comfy jeans or dress down a party skirt. The fit of this tee was slightly less sculpting and more of an oversized fit, suitable for those who favour comfort over a tight-fit. She paired it with a green plaid skirt and black oversized blazer for a casual, preppy weekend look.

femme luxe slogan tee
femme luxe slogan tee

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