Schwarzkopf launches ‘Only Love’ range at Saint Aymes

We’re all becoming so much more aware of how important it is to exercise regularly, eat well and take care of our bodies. Unfortunately, we often seem to neglect our hair, subduing it to the harsh chemicals found in permanent hair dyes (something we’re particularly guilty of).

Schwarzkopf have filled the opening in the market for a good quality, easily accessible and affordable permanent hair dye that works to nourish your hair while it dyes it. Only Love is the brand new hair colouring range that has been designed to feed your hair using three botanical ingredients: soy protein, oat milk and argan oil. Those three natural goodies work together to leave your hair feeling and looking healthy, and the formula is proudly free from any ammonia, silicone and alcohol.

gold hot chocolate saint aymes

To celebrate the launch of the Only Love range, Schwarzkopf hosted a self-care breakfast at the floral and fabulous Saint Aymes cafe in Mayfair. Delicious foodie items like fresh fruit, pink yoghurt and oatmeal cups and croissants were beautifully displayed for us to nourish our stomachs, while decadent pink hot chocolates topped with gold flakes nourished our souls.

Self-care psychologist and yoga instructor Suzy Reading spoke to us over breakfast to teach us a few wellness tips and tricks to incorporate into our everyday lives. From ensuring we’re sitting with our shoulders back and chest open to simply savouring the scent of a beautiful hand cream after washing our hands, we learned how a little self-love doesn’t need to take up too much time in our busy days.

We left the brunch feeling like we were ready to take care of our minds and body, from top to toe. If you’d like to make the switch to a gentler, more caring hair dye, you can find the Schwarzkopf Only Love range at Superdrug.

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