Seafood, steak and harbour views at Hurricane’s Grill

Hurricanes Grill Darling Harbour

No matter how often we visit Sydney’s city centre, we never fail to melt in awe of its beauty. The rows of sky-rise buildings towering over a sparkling harbour sure make for a stunning sight, especially at night. It’s this very sight that makes dinner at Hurricane’s Grill such a memorable experience. That and an appetizing menu, of course.

Situated on the banks of Sydney’s vivid Darling Harbour, this modern restaurant ticks all the boxes for a date night destination. Cityscape views, extravagant seafood platters and a versatile wine menu all add to the romance of it all. And while the both of us didn’t actually visit on a date (though people often seem to think otherwise when we dine together ?), we appreciated the ambience all the same.

Hurricanes Grill Darling Harbour
The glistening view at Hurricanes Grill Darling Harbour

The menu is one to please all, serving up juicy steaks, succulent seafood, fresh salads and a selection of starters to share. There are also desserts up for grabs and a kids menu, too. If you’re a vegetarian but salads don’t suit, you can also opt for a Pumpkin Ravioli or Alternative Burger. It’s one of those menus that aims to embrace a variety of personal tastes.

Vegetarianism aside, we most certainly were not following a vego diet for the evening. Our eyes locked on to seafood and steak and we simply couldn’t see elsewhere. Prepped for a protein bulk, we ordered the Seafood Platter for two and 500gm Rib Eye on the bone. To bring some necessary veg into the equation, we ordered a side of steamed broccoli, corn, zucchini, snow peas and green beans. Do note though, they were drizzled in herb butter ?. We were feeling indulgent, k?

Hurricanes Grill Darling Harbour
Seafood Platter

For a decent $71, the Seafood Platter comprises of lobster, king prawns, salmon fillet (cooked to your liking), salt and pepper calamari, mussles, salt and pepper prawns and scallops. And yes, it’s quite a hefty serving. It’s definitely very filling shared between two. Served on a bed of rosemary rice the presentation is set up aesthetically, too. The succulent lobster stands tall as a centrepiece to the platter, framed by the rest of the seafood.

Hurricanes Grill Darling Harbour
Side of Steamed Veggies

We enjoyed the freshness of the platter, and naturally, our fave was the lobster. However, the salt and pepper squid came as a close second, followed by the scallops and prawns at a tie. We think this dish is best shared as a main between two. Alongside some share plates to start, it’s the perfect couple’s dinner!

At $53, our 500gm Rib Eye hit just the spot. This chunky slab of meat had our mouths watering the moment we sniffed its wafting aroma. Cooked to a medium-rare, it had an ideal amount of juicy red interior and crispy cooked exterior. We paired it with a side of baked potato and sour cream.

Rib Eye Steak Hurricanes Grill Darling Harbour
500gm Rib Eye Steak

As well as the Darling Harbour restaurant, Hurricane’s Grill has a number of buzzy locations to visit. To find out more about the restaurant and if there’s one near you, follow through to their website here.

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