Sensory Indulgence! Handpicked Festival Is Almost Here

Is there a music festival that captures the essence of South Australia better than Handpicked?


This one nourishes the senses, providing stunning tunes and delicious drops in the most picturesque setting you could envisage. The best part? It’s this coming Saturday (10th November).

If you struggle with FOMO, Handpicked  has it all in spades. This isn’t one to miss.

On location at Lake Breeze Wines in Langhorne Creek—an hour out of Adelaide—this family-backed festival has listened to the people. With a sensational turn out expected, Handpicked  have doubled the bars, because, let’s face it, in South Australia we know how to party.

Festival organiser, Kate Cooper, has acknowledged the not-so-low-key enthusiasm of its patrons.

“With last year’s impeccable weather and a huge influx of door sales on the day, our bars were hit hard but we can guarantee shorter waiting times with this improved service,” she stated.

We’re on board, Kate. Less wait time means more time to create unforgettable memories with mates and dance ‘til our feet are sore.

And dance we will.

With crowd-favourites Boy & Bear headlining the tunes, Ball Park Music, Broods, Vera Blue, Alex Lahey and many others will join them in what is bound to be a celebration of the experiences this fine state has to offer.

Handpicked  is an embodiment of an embracive culture towards South Australian wine regions and their incredible accessibility to city-dwellers. This festival invokes plenty of love and an appreciation that is almost impossible to capture unless you venture outside the city limits.

“I always want people to close their eyes and imagine being hidden amongst the vineyard and gum trees where you can barefoot dance, enjoy slow-living vibes and authentic experiences,” said Ms Cooper.

This is definitely our jam.

For the foodies out there, and boy do we know there are many, there will be food trucks aplenty and grazing hampers that can be pre-booked. Conversely, the premium cellar door ticket will—among plenty of other perks—give you a sensational feed by renowned chef Simon Burr and access to VIP areas.

Passionate artisans from the Fleurieu Region will have a plethora of goods available to peruse and purchase in the marketplace, again with a healthy focus on local sourcing and sustainability.

Impressively, the festival will also adopt the reusable Globelet, saying sayonara to those pesky plastic cups. We’re a huge fan of this environmentally conscious approach because it will also mean the pristine lawns will remain a welcoming spot for you to lay down the picnic rug and make camp for the day.

Speaking of, you can literally camp at Handpicked. A pre-purchased pass for Tent City gives you the option of bringing your gear and setting up before the festival, or for the full experience, you can opt for the Glamping ticket and really do it in comfort. For those wanting to head back home, return coach trips are also available, so even the usual designated driver can let their hair down and join in the festivities.

Handpicked  is a festival with humble beginnings that hits new heights every year. The strong family ties ensure a grounded approach to its planning and the unwavering focus of sharing something special with its patrons.

On the day, you’re bound to have plenty of ‘How good is this?’ type moments, as you peer around at the hundred-plus-year-old gums surrounding the property and realise exactly where you are.

Right then and there, the tunes, the company, and the wine or cocktail in your hand probably couldn’t complement the situation any better.

We can’t wait.

Handpicked will take place on Saturday 10th November. Head here for tickets and more info.

Images: Bronwen Caple Photography, Supplied. 

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