Seresilk: Australia’s First Silk Skincare

Seresilk Silk Skincare Range

Everyone loves a little bit of silk. Whether it’s in the form of a pillowcase to prevent wrinkles or a gorgeous slip dress, this luxurious fabric is a favourite for a reason, feeling so beautiful against your skin. So why restrict it to just the surface of your skin? Melbourne local Taylor Battistella was wondering just that, which led him to create Seresilk, the Australia’s first skincare range made with silk.

Taylor’s interest in silkworms began in school after a hobby rearing silkworms grew into a small business selling silkworms to retailers around Australia. Fascinated by these unique creatures, he began to learn more about the history of silk, and heard about Chinese silkworm farmers having the softest hands in the world.

Seresilk Silk Skincare Range

With a little research, Taylor found that silk contains 18 of the 20 amino acids found in humans, allowing silk to mimic the skin’s natural moisturising properties. It’s also an antioxidant, meaning it’s great for neutralising free radicals.

This created the base for the Seresilk skincare range, which was expanded into four key products: a night cream, a night serum, a cleanser, and the hero product, an exfoliator. Made up of 100% silk in its natural form, the Seresilk exfoliator creates a natural cocoon when soaked in water, which is then gently used in circular motions on the skin to delicately buff the skin. The exfoliator is designed to reduce inflammation, boost collagen production and enhance skin elasticity.

As well as being good for your skin, Seresilk products are also good for the planet. The ethical practices Taylor learnt from rearing silkworms in school have been applied to the process for Seresilk, meaning no silkworms are killed in the process.

If you’d like to try Seresilk for yourself, you can browse the range on their website.

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