Seven days of Soulara plant-powered meal service

As cheese-lovers and meat-eaters, Soulara might not have been our first choice for a meal delivery service. Soulara is the only dedicated, fully prepared plant-based meal delivery service in Australia, offering dishes that are healthy, fresh and very affordable starting at just $9.50.

When we were approached to trial and review the service, we were naturally hesitant, as we’d never ever tried a wholly vegan or even vegetarian lifestyle before. Needless to say, we finished the trial feeling pretty impressed with not only ourselves, but Soulara, too!

Having recently expanded their services to Adelaide, we were intrigued to be among the first here to try the product. We had no preconception or knowledge of Soulara prior to trialling, so we entered fully blind and prepared to embrace our inner veganism.

Soulara's Twilight Truffle Potato and Kale Cakes.

Soulara’s Twilight Truffle Potato and Kale Cakes.

The menu of dishes to choose from actually sounded delicious; we were frantic trying to pick just seven. Among those to choose from, we tried The Sunkissed Pesto, The Sunbliss Granola Bowl, The Enchanted Forest Wild Mushroom Penne, The Twilight Truffle Potato and Kale Cakes, The Ascension Pad Thai, Healing Tumeric and Farro Soup and more. The creative names are seriously alluring, right?!

One of our favourites we didn’t actually catch the name of: a creamy green curry. At first, we thought it would be unfulfilling as the serving appeared small; however, it ended up being totally filling and bursting with flavour. The same went for the delectable tumeric soup which we thought would be more like a snack. Nevertheless, we were filled up again by the heavy use of sustainable veggies in the dish and we were left satisfied without needing to use bread with the soup.

A fully transparent nutrition facts label to help you understand what you're putting in your body. Soulara

A fully transparent nutrition facts label to help you understand what you’re putting in your body.

A couple of the dishes didn’t particularly age well over the 7 day period, mainly those with a lot of cabbage in it. We had wished we’d eaten the Ascension Pad Thai first instead of last as, by the end of the trial, the cabbage had become quite potent and overpowering over the rest of the ingredients. Despite that, dishes like the Mushroom Penne and Sunkissed Pesto kept very well and were perfectly consumable either hot or cold, which is a useful characteristic carried by many of the items on the menu.

As for the service as a whole, we’d definitely do it again. We felt totally healthy and practically glowing knowing that we were consuming our five veg a day. If you think Soulara is for you, you can find out more at Happy clean-eating everyone!

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