Shiro rebrands and launches incredible new fragrances

shiro skincare

Earlier this year we were introduced to a new favourite skincare brand, Shiro. Hailing from Japan, this premium skincare brand uses all-natural ingredients that can be found in its home country, like sake, yuzu and white tea. To mark its 10th anniversary, Shiro has rebranded to a more contemporary packaging, and launched a special range of products to celebrate.

The range we were most excited about was the Shiro Perfume range. Their previous fragrances had us captivated the last time we visited the store, and the new scents definitely lived up to expectations. Twelve new perfumes have been created by twelve different perfumers from around the world, in countries like Spain, France and, of course, Japan. Each unique fragrance is unisex and has its own story, like Parisienne Shirt, which is inspired by a mysterious French photographer and smells exactly like you’d imagine. Another favourite of ours was Marvellous Star, created with a starry sky in mind and smelling exactly like popcorn to us.

shiro skincare fragrances

Another new launch is the Neem Skincare Series. Designed to help celebrate the beauty of ageing, its active ingredient is the Neem plant and is incredibly moisturising. Available in a serum and sheet mask, they help promote glowing, healthy skin.

Shiro’s Ginger Lipsticks are another favourite of ours. By using ginger in the formula, these lipsticks are incredibly moisturising and nourishing, while also packing on the colour. Ten new matte shades have been released just in time for party season; our favourite shades were Pink Beige, a warm nude, Rouge Red, a true, deep red, and Burgundy, which is just as deep and wintery as you’d imagine.

  • shiro skincare ginger lipsticks
  • shiro skincare ginger lipsticks

The new packaging isn’t totally unlike the old, with the main difference we noticed being the addition of sleek black lids instead of white. Despite the change, Shiro will be continuing to research and create innovative new products, using sustainably sourced ingredients.

If you’re keen to smell some of the incredible new perfumes and check out the new packaging, you can visit any of Shiro’s three stores around London. The new products are also available on their website.

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