Sleek and shiny hair with Kérastase K Water

kerastase k water

Innovative hair care brand Kérastase is launching a brand new in-salon product to give your hair that extra TLC it needs. Using ground-breaking Lamellar Technology, Kérastase’s new K Water is here to revolutionise the hair treatment game.

We managed to snag a hot little invite to try out this new service at Hershesons, a luxe salon on Berners St. While the product is still yet to launch and we’re not allowed to share any pics of it yet, we can tell you what we thought of the experience.

kerastase k water
Shiny hair post-K Water treatment

K Water is designed to target and treat only the parts of your hair that need it, by finding where the breakages and weak spots are and seeping into them. In doing this your hair doesn’t end up looking greasy or weighed down like with some treatments, because it doesn’t linger around the strands that don’t need it. The treatment is applied to your hair after shampooing at the basin, then washed out, leaving your hair luscious, silky and nourished.

Before and after the treatment we filmed a couple of little clips of our hair, that were then put together in a fun before and after video that you can watch above. As you can see, post-treatment our hair was incredibly soft and shiny, and it stayed looking exactly like that until we needed to wash it next, which was about a week later.

While getting our hair done we also nibbled on delicious treats from Farm Girl café, including a delicious jam-filled raspberry croissant and a refreshing beetroot juice.

K Water will be out in salons later this year for you to treat yourself (and your hair) to some R&R.

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