Sleep better with Origin pillows

When you lead a busy life, you need enough sleep to sustain it. With international borders reopening and COVID lockdowns fast becoming a thing of the past, there’s no denying all of our lives have been accelerating fast these past few months. For sure, I’m not complaining; I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, sleep is something I’ve definitely been lacking lately and I’m in search of a reason to go to bed earlier. Cue… the Origin pillow!

Nothing can get me to sleep faster than this bad boy. I’m talking sweet dreams all night long and waking up refreshed, revived, and most of all, ready to take on another huge day of work (followed by play!). The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow is the very definition of ‘plush’. Made of a responsive Latex foam, it supports your head in a way that any old pillow could never. This style of foam is denser than memory foam or fibre, molding perfectly to the shape of your head while you doze into dreamland.

I particularly love that this pillow has a removable cover for easy cleaning. The cover can be machine washed and is made of Tencel fabric, which is known for its soft touch and natural comfort. As someone who suffers from allergic reactions to things like animal fur and dust, it’s great knowing that the cover is also hypoallergenic. Seriously, so many ticks in the boxes!

Now that I’ve had the chance to check out Origin’s pillows, I’m definitely intrigued to suss the rest of the range. The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress looks wildly lush, made with high quality materials and the same natural latex to hug your whole body. You can also grab bedding sets, duvets, blankets and bed frames to complete your luxury bedroom setting. Check it out on the website here.

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