Steak and Sparkling Sangria at STK London

STK London is an American steakhouse, but not the stereotypical kind. Here you won’t find hide nor hair of wooden furnishings or diner settings, and instead you’re seated in leather booths with polished tables and a stunning beaded feature in the centre of the room. Contemporary design is done to a T here, and it suits the modern menu served at the restaurant.

After a long Monday at work, we were in desperate need of some cocktails (it’s a hard life, we know). Mel went for Not Your Daddy’s Manhattan, delicately balancing Woodford Reserve with Licor 43 and Antica Formula, serving it neat in a martini glass and garnished with a single maraschino cherry. Kristen was after something a little more refreshing, so she decided to give the STK Sparkling Sangria a shot. Served in a wine glass with plenty of ice and mint, it was a thirst-quenching mix of champagne, St. Germain and lime juice, topped with soda.

Not Your Daddy's Manhattan at STK london

Not Your Daddy’s Manhattan

Each table at STK receives a complimentary serving of brioche, glazed with blue cheese butter and served alongside a pot of chimichurri. We’re not sure why we’ve never come across blue cheese butter before, but we need more of it in our lives. It tasted slightly sweet but slightly salty, while the actual brioche was wonderfully light and fluffy, easily pulled apart.

To begin the meal, we decided to share the Wagyu Beef (MSS) Short Rib Tataki, with sesame spinach, gochujang and pickled spring onions, and the Yellowfin Tuna Ceviche, with pickled daikon, black sesame seed pesto and charcoal crisps. The beef was perfectly seared on the outside and brought to our table the faintest smell of charcoal, combined with the presentation had three of our senses paying attention. Plenty of large chunks of tuna were presented on the other dish, which was incredibly fresh and light with just a hint of zesty citrus.

a range of starters at STK london

Though STK also has a selection of lamb, chicken and fish options for the main, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have one of their famed steaks. Kristen went for the 350g USDA Grain Fed Rib Eye with chimichurri, which had the perfect amount of caramelised fat running through it to give it plenty of juicy flavours, without being over-the-top fatty. Mel indulged in the 350g USDA Grain Fed Sirloin which sat perfectly plump on the plate, looking ever so inviting and tasting just as delightful. Both steaks were cooked medium rare, which was done exactly as requested.

Accompanying the mains, Kristen decided to pair her steak with a light salad of Datterini Tomatoes and Burrata, which was served with basil leaves, olive oil, burrata foam and tiny croutons that added a contrasting crunch to the otherwise fresh dish. Mel went for the Truffle Mac and Cheese which hit just the spot, topped with crunchy grilled cheese and a gooey interior.

Mango and Coconut Panacotta at STK london

Mango and Coconut Panacotta

To finish on a sweet note, we both shared the Mango and Coconut Panacotta. The smooth and fruity base was complemented by the addition of salty pistachio and finished off with fresh diced mango on top.

In all, there really wasn’t anything we could fault with STK. The décor and ambience were perfect, the service was meticulous and the staff were really friendly and helpful. We really enjoyed our time here and will definitely be giving it another visit sometime.

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