The Adelaidian’s Christmas Gift Guide 2020

With Chrissy hot on our doorstep, we bet you last-minute gift-buyers are beginning to feel the rush. Never to stress, The Adelaidian Christmas Gift Guide for 2020 is here! With all the kerfuffle that has happened this year, it’s more than understandable that you might not have had the chance to think about Christmas gifts. That’s what we’re here for.

Below is a list of sweet, unique and versatile gift ideas handpicked by us, just for you! There’s bound to be something your friends and family will love in this curated selection.

Esmi 24K Gold Nourishing Oil

Whether it’s a gift for your mum, your sister, or your best friend, the Esmi 24K Gold Nourishing Oil is a stellar choice. This face oil is as luxurious as it comes, with delicate 24 karat gold flakes to level up the glamour of your skincare routine.

Used to combat dryness, dehydration and aging, this face oil is a morning-and-night product that can be incorporated into just about any existing routine! And to make your gift extra cute, get it wrapped in their gorgeous bon-bon packaging — how cute?!

Tesalate Towel

Gifting your loved ones a towel might sound like a move your grandma would make, but hear us out here. Tesalate towels aren’t just any old towels. They’re a trendy brand bringing you stylish prints and expert technology, making these bold beauties sand-free, odour-free, fast-drying and, you know, just all the good stuff.

For your friend who’s a gym-junkie, they have the coolest range of anti-bacterial gym towels. For your friend who’s a bit of a beach bum, there’s a whole load of vibrant picks in the beach towel range. Have a suss at all of the above here.

Prince of Candles Soy Wax Candle

Candles are a classic gift choice and it’s not hard to see why. They smell incredible, can change the mood of any room, and can be affordable or exxy, depending on how much you’re looking to spend! With so many different scents available out there, we think we may have just found our number one favourite for Christmas…

The Prince Of Candles is a small Aussie business offering ethical vegan soy wax candles, hand-poured with love. Their Maple Pumpkin Bread scent is — two words — absolutely elite. Seriously, this scent is so strong and lingering, it fills the entire room with a delicious aroma of fresh baking goods (even when it’s not lit). The packaging even offers a super sweet “Merry Christmas” slogan, perfect for gift giving. Have we sold you yet? Get your hands on this divine soy candle here.

Dermalume Hand Cream

Hand cream is the perfect gift for a boss or colleague to add to their office drawers. Dermalume just so happens to have an award-winning hand cream waiting for you!

This local Aussie brand specialises in hand cream, with the Velvet Roses Hand Cream being the winning pick. This fresh scent is just the boost you need while stuck in a rut at your desk. Smooth some into your hands, take in the smell of sweet roses, and get back to typing away with a refreshed state of mind.

At just $23 per 80ml bottle, it’s an absolute steal! Shop the award-winning Velvet Roses here.

Bondi Scum Body Scrub

Don’t get thrown off by the name, this scummy scrub is as lush as it gets. For starters, one of the Bondi Scum body scrubs is just $16.95, and you can make that thing last a long time. Bargain, we say. Secondly, body scrub is one of those gifts that absolutely will get used and won’t just sit in the cupboard hanging around. If you have a friend that’s an avid tanner, a scrub is mega practical (and thoughtful).

We have used Bondi Scum for a few months now and to say we’re in love is an understatement. This green Shrek-like substance makes shower time just a little bit more luxurious every time. Our skin feels incredible after using it. And as for the best flavour? Strawberry and vanilla all the way. We are obsessed. Shop here.

  • Bondi Scum algae salt scrub
  • Bondi Scum algae salt scrub

Okana Radiant Skin Gift Box

Vegan skincare is always a pleasant treat and Okana has a wonderful care package that just so happens to be on sale right NOW! We’ve been using the Radiant Skin Gift Box ourselves for the past few months and we gotta say, we’ve been loving the results. Our favourite product is the Cucumber + Lettuce Juice Toner — spritzing it on every morning is such a refreshing start to the day. The total contents of the box include:

  • Apple juice foaming cleanser – 150ml
  • Mango + apricot sorbet cleanser – 50ml
  • Cucumber + lettuce juice toner – 125ml
  • Bamboo beads face scrub – 100ml
  • Vegetable garden day moisturiser – 50ml
  • Berry mix night moisturiser – 50ml
  • Okana Skincare Radiant Skin Gift Box
  • Okana Skincare Mango And Apricot Sorbet Cleanser

Deshabille Luxury Sleepwear

Luxury sleepwear? Cute, practical and cosy, this is a great gift idea for your sister, mum, or gal pal. There’s nothing more we ladies love than getting home after a long day of work and slipping into a fabulous PJ set to have us feeling like a million bucks. Aussie brand Deshabille Sleepwear offer a trendy selection made of the softest, best quality fabrics you’ll find. We were actually shocked at just how soft their PJ sets and dressings robes were! Not to mention they’re irresistably flattering. Shop the range here.

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