The best of all the sports, beer pong, is now at Queens

queens beer pong

When looking at us, one might not assume we’re very sporty gals. You would be wrong though, as beer pong is one of our favourite pastimes and a big passion of ours. We’ve been playing this skilled and noble sport since we were young ladies back in high school, and we like to think all our years’ experience has made us quite the competitors.

Queens by Queensway Station has just taken beer pong to the next level with their electronic beer pong tables. Taking the traditional format of throwing ping pong balls into plastic cups of beer, Queens have upgraded it with tables that know when you’ve got a ball into a cup and whose turn it is. Each game also has a time limit, which is perfect for those rounds where neither of you can seem to get the ball into the last cup and it goes on for hourssss.

As well as the fancy, light-up table, you also have a choice of three different liquids for your cups. For £14.85, traditionalists can play with Stiegl Goldbräu beer, party animals can play with Queens’ Grapefruit Radler cocktail for £17.60 and fancy folk can upgrade to VIA VIA prosecco for £31.10. Beer pong truly is a sport that caters for everyone.

Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat from Meatliquor afterwards. We’d highly recommend the Chicken Parmy Burger, which is literally a chicken parmy. In a burger. So good. The Tower Block Burger with chicken, hash brown and jalapenos is also worth an order, as is the deep-fried mac and cheese, wings, loaded fries and pretty much everything else on the menu.

Whether you’ve got unfinished business with a mate or a whole group celebrating a birthday, you can book your beer pong table(s) at Queens through this link here. Happy ponging.

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