The Fruitful Pursuit is throwing a pyjama party and you’re invited

The Fruitful Pursuit presents Pyjama Wine

A first of its kind, The Fruitful Pursuit is holding a big ol’ iso party (virtually, of course) involving two very appropriate things: pyjamas and wine. Does that sound right up your alley? Wine not get involved yourself? Week 1 of The Fruitful Pursuit Pyjama Party begins on the 24th of April, Friday. Here’s the lowdown.

TFP will be streaming a series of exclusive 45-minute ‘iso sessions’ with some of Australia’s favourite independent winemakers… in their PJs. If you buy a ticket for the first week for $79 (including delivery), you will be sent a 3-pack of LS Merchants‘ delicious wine to join the party. That’s x1 2019 ‘JCY BNGR’ Marsanne, Chenin Blanc and Vermentino, x1 2018 ‘Seeker’ Syrah and x1 2018 Touriga Nacional. Mmm, delish.

Then, on the Saturday, a second iso party will commence. For the same price, you will be treated to the delights of SA’s very own Charlotte Dalton. Delivered straight to your door, the 3-pack will include x1 2018 ‘Love me love you’ Shiraz, x1 2018 ‘Love you love me’ Semillon and x1 2019 ‘Wahine’ Pinot Noir.

These are some pretty special deals as they are one-off offers, and there are only 30 wine packs available Australia-wide for both LS Merchants and Charlotte Dalton. Not to mention the packs alone are worth over $100, so it’s a pretty awesome deal getting the wine tasting experience and the packs for just $79!

Through buying these packs, you’ll also be lending a helping hand to some of those who need it most. It’s been an incredibly tough year for growers in the industry already. First the bushfires and now the virus. Many families have been suffering a great deal of hardship this year, so this is an awesome opportunity to drop the big guys such as Woolies and Coles and lend your support to local growers instead.

  • the fruitful pursuit pyjama party self isolation
  • the fruitful pursuit pyjama party self isolation

And the party doesn’t stop at LS Merchants and Charlotte Dalton. Below you will find a list of some of the winemakers getting in on the action for future sessions.

  • Ravensworth
  • Brave New Wine
  • Gentle Folk
  • VHS
  • Bobar
  • Two Tonne Tasmania
  • Vanguardist
  • The Other Right
  • Swan Valley Wines
  • La Violetta
  • Somos
  • Frankly Wines by Bob
  • Delinquente

Seeing as delivery is a little slow lately due to the circumstances, you’ll want to book in advance. Sales for Week 1 end on Monday the 13th of April. Ordering before then will ensure your 3-pack arrives on time.

If you’re extroverts like us and are craving some sort of party, well this might just be your golden ticket. And even if you’re not, I mean, who doesn’t want an excuse to sit at home in their PJs and down three bottles of wine? Sounds like bloody bliss if you ask me.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started people. Get your tix here.

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