The Ruby Oracle Brings a Touch of Paris to the Eastern Suburbs

Looking for something a little different this Christmas? The Ruby Oracle has you covered.

The Ruby Oracle is a character-filled boutique selling French fashion, accessories, gifts, and home décor. It brims with old-world charm and a truly distinctive style, housing everything from luxe French jewellery to vintage Chat Noir décor.

We attended the Ruby Oracle’s VIP night on Tuesday evening and were treated to French pastries and champagne in the relaxing Ruby Room. The store is akin to something you might spot while sipping cappuccinos on the Champs-Élysée; it certainly doesn’t feel like something you’d wander into in Magill. Even the building’s design is reminiscent of a quiet two-storey shop you might find in a Paris laneway.

The storeowners, Dianna and Chris, are fortunate enough to travel to Paris almost yearly to select some new little treasures for their store, having visited 9 times since the store’s opening 11 years ago. The store continues to be family-run, meaning that those behind the counter are committed to keeping customers well informed and relaxed.

In true French style, the boutique is also dog friendly. One of the most loveable things about the store is its resident Maltese Toy Poodle cross, Mademoiselle Ruby. Ruby can often be found sitting happily in her basket at the counter, taking naps and giving excellent fashion advice.

The store features a range of French treasures, including umbrellas from Pasotti, everlasting roses from Cote Noire, and candles from Aquiesse. They’re the kind of luxury French brands that have decades of history. You’re sure to unearth something très chic with a little bit of digging around.

So for those who aren’t fortunate enough to be jetting off to Paris this Christmas, head off to the Ruby Oracle for a little slice of the City of Light. No plane tickets required.

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