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Out of the Ordinary premieres October 2016 at the Bakehouse Theatre Adelaide.
Out of the Ordinary premieres October 2016 at the Bakehouse Theatre Adelaide.

There’s something a bit odd about a play based on someone who wants to be ordinary. Plays are supposed to be about bold heroes, fierce villains, star-crossed lovers and maybe a murder or two.

Out of the Ordinary follows the story of Theodora Sprout, a perpetually defensive, cynical and uptight twenty-something desperate to escape her wild parents. Her quest to be ordinary is a reaction to their extraordinary lifestyle… her father wants to be rock star and her mother, despite a conservative façade, indulges in toga parties and travels the world with her husband, seeking spiritual enlightenment. While ordinariness may be Theo’s goal, her family makes this close to impossible. Plus, there’s a new addition…

Theo has a bun in her ‘little microwave’. And that bun has already started whispering into Theo’s ear.

Out of the Ordinary is a deceptive tale, celebrating the everyday through a sense of whimsy surrealism and theatrical illusion.

So, is it odd? Most definitely! The play is concerned with our quest for fame, our desire to be remembered, even idolised, by present and future generations… and what happens when someone is brave enough to buck the trend and live for the moment.

Featuring a cast of local actors, and supported by Flinders University, the project aims to tell a different kind of story, about a different kind of person, against a backdrop of bold images, striking colours and a modern pop-rock soundtrack.

The ordinary and the extraordinary collide in Theo’s life, as they do in everyone’s, and this is what contemporary theatre is all about.Theatre steps beyond the boundaries of naturalism and guides its audience into the realm of the fantastic, where the ordinary can become the extraordinary…

For Theo, this is a hard lesson. For the audience, it’s an exciting night out!

Out of the Ordinary is a new Australian play written by Alex Vickery-Howe and directed by Joh Hartog, premiering October 2016 at the Bakehouse Theatre Adelaide.

Show Dates:
Tuesday 4th October – Saturday 8th October 8pm
Tuesday 11th October – Saturday 15th October 8pm
Ticket Prices: Adults $30, Concession $25, TRev $25, Groups (6+) $25, School Students $18
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