Theatre Review: A Comedy About a Bank Robbery

the bed scene in a comedy about a bank robbery

For somebody who does not consider themselves a fan of slapstick comedy, The Comedy About a Bank Robbery certainly took me by surprise. I entered the theatre show convinced I’d have but a mere chuckle here and there, but boy, was I wrong. By the intermission, I found myself physically hunched over in my chair from laughing so much. A successful show? I absolutely think so.

The comedy is kinda old school, good ol’ slapstick at its finest. And granted, there were scenes where Kristen and I would look at each other with a cringing faces. There was one joke about a bunch of roses belonging to a lady called ‘Rose’, permeating the humour level of a Dad joke (hey, I know some people like a bit of fatherly humour, it’s just personally not my fave).

However, as the play progressed, so did the level of comedy. My favourite scene was definitely the mechanical bed scene, placed right before intermission. For those who haven’t seen the show, I’ll not give anything away, but this particular scene did involve a super terrible and unconvincing moustache, as well as repetitive use of the phrase ‘YOUUU SON OF A BITCHHHH’. Even just thinking about that part is making me giggle here at the office desk (my colleagues are definitely heaving some judgemental looks).

Throughout the whole show, the jokes tumbled over one another in quick succession, each landing on top of the last and shaping this built-up mound of excellent humour. Some of them were delivered so witty and sharp, it reached a point where I found myself brushing away actual tears from my eyes. Oh, there’s that, and the set changes were super smooth and effortless.

Thank you to @londontheatre for inviting us to experience the West End! Why not visit the official website and buy tix here for your next date night out. I promise you it will be a good night, unless you’re going with a dried up old fun sponge. Don’t do that, you’re better than that. Find you a man (woman, whatev) who will laugh with you.

Image: A Comedy About a Bank Robbery

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