Three Spirit: Alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean fun-free

three spirit london

Alcohol-free spirits aren’t anything new to the beverage industry – the demand for a base you can make cocktails and mixed drinks from without the alcohol has been around for a while. What is new though is using plant-based concoctions that are still designed to make you feel good, but sans alcohol. That’s what Three Spirit are bringing to the market, and we have to say, we’re here for it.

Using plants that have been used in different cultures throughout history as natural remedies and in potions, Three Spirit has created three varieties: Livener, Social Elixir and Nightcap.

three spirit london

First up is the Livener. Designed to be drunk at the beginning of the night, or before you go out, it uses an energising blend of guayusa, guava leaf, green tea, ginseng, apple cider vinegar and schisandra berries. There’s about 57mg of caffeine per serve, but only 8g of sugar. This tasty drink can be fashioned into a non-alcoholic cosmopolitan, refreshing spritz or simply mixed with tonic to start any night off with the kick it deserves.

Designed to ease your inhibitions and make you the life of the party, Social Elixir uses damiana, tulsi and cacao to full effect. Minimal amounts of caffeine and around 4g of sugar make this one perfect to drink well into the night. Stir it into a spritz, make a warming mulled cider-style drink or use Three Spirit’s original recipe for a fancy and fun Plant Power cocktail.

three spirit london

Our personal favourite of the three was Nightcap, the perfect drink to end your evening on. As well as tasting damn delicious, it uses lemon balm, valerian and hops to help you feel a little sleepy, adaptogenic ashwagandha for natural stress-relief and white willow bark to finish off the overall feeling of calm. It goes without saying that this concoction has 0 caffeine and very little sugar (6g). It also works as the perfect substitution for whisky in classic cocktails, like a hot toddy, old fashioned or penicillin.

Dry January may be over, but it’s 2020 and you shouldn’t need a reason to ditch the alcohol if you choose. We love that Three Spirits are looking for fun, plant-based alternative ways to liven up your drink sans liquor, and best of all they’re vegan-friendly, gluten-free, cruelty-free and sustainably packaged, so you’re doing something good for your body and the planet.

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