Time to celebrate with ‘Girl On The Go’

Oh, how we love this creative wine label.

Just last weekend saw Mollydooker Wines launch their latest addition to a selection of fine wines, celebrating with an extravagant and ever so glamorous pop-up wine bar named Sparkle In The City, located at the Published Arthouse in Adelaide’s CBD. And, what a night it was!

We entered a spectacular, almost carnevale-like fit out consisting of sparkling fairy lights, colourful cardboard cutouts and vibing music from local DJ Leah Mencel. Gorgeous roller girls Holly and Kate brought the scene to life, rollerskating around the crowds and working their magic on wheels.


The Sparkle in The City set-up

A broad selection of Mollydooker’s wines were on offer at the bars located opposite ends of the space as well as some delicious gourmet dishes for patrons to enjoy. The duck meat arancini balls, salt and pepper squid and pulled pork burger with fries were just a few of our favourites from the menu.

But wait, what was this celebration all about again?

That’s right… a fantastic new release from Mollydooker Wines: the Girl On The Go Sparkling Verdelho.

A little bit about Mollydooker Wines & Girl On The Go

The Mollydooker winery, located down in the scenic McLaren Vale, grows its vineyards along Seaview Ridge, with ancient soils and a Mediterranean climate giving Mollydooker’s wines their signature, fine taste.

The winery was started up by none other than fantastic local entrepreneurs Sparky and Sarah Marquis, who, in every respect, breathe the life into what makes Mollydooker so special.

What some people don’t realise is that, in the process of starting up the business, the couple initially named their label after a particular trait they both share. With the term ‘mollydooker’ being Australian slang for left-hander, the left-handed Marquis added their first touch of creativity and personality to what was soon to be an incredible and successful winemaking buisness.


Sarah, herself, continues to indulge her artistic capabilities through the quirky ‘Lefty Wine‘ range available at Mollydooker. This range, in particular, features a selection of unique wines that each seek to represent an aspect of Sarah and Sparky’s life experiences and adventures. The Lefty labels are decorated with colourful, attention-grabbing illustrations, each with its own style and suited to the story behind the wine.

And, of course, the latest in this storyline of wines is the brand new Girl On The Go Sparkling Verdelho.

“Girl on the Go is made from ‘The Violinist’ Verdelho, which gives this wine sophistication and an incredible uniqueness,” Sarah explains, “It can be described as delicate, yet crisp, thanks to its floral and tropical fruity tones. One sip is enough to entice any sparkling fan.”

“It possesses waves of citrus and pineapple nectar mixed with hints of spice and creamy vanilla to send your taste buds on quite the adventure. Girl on the Go is ideal for sharing and celebrating with family and friends.”


The Marqui Family celebrating at Sparkle in The City pop-up wine bar

We got the chance to speak with Sarah at the launch, and discussed all things ‘Girl On The Go.’ Sarah enlightened us that the wine was inspired by herself as a teenager and, in choosing the name, she made it a relatable concept to everyone as there could be considered a little bit of ‘Girl On The Go’ in all of us (especially in today’s busy lifestyle).

The sparkling itself was made using 2014 Vintage Verdelho grapes from their Gemtree vineyards in Mclaren Vale. It contains 67% new American oak and 33% new French oak. The strategic process involves 2/3 tank fermentation/maturing and 1/3 barrel fermantation/maturing.

So, whether it’s a birthday celebration, wedding anniversary or even just dinner and drinks with some friends, Girl On The Go is the ‘go’! To find out more about Mollydooker and their latest product, visit: http://www.mollydookerwines.com.au/.


Image credit: Mollydooker on InstagramThe Guest Hotel 

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