Top up your iso booze reinforcements without leaving your couch with Boozi

boozi sydney alcohol delivery

Another day, another innovative adaption from a company moving with the Coronavirus-times. Honestly, once isolation is over we’re not even sure we’re going to need to leave the house anymore, especially with Sydney-based company Boozi delivering delicious drinks to our doorstep, within the hour.

Founded by the guys behind Wats On Events, pre-iso they were running funky festival bars, and when Corona struck were left with a bunch of cancelled events and a whole lot of stock. Rather than throw in the towel, they’re now bringing the said stock to your doorstep, and are chucking in a sprinkling of socially-distanced fun for good measure. At a healthy 1.5 metres apart, you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors with the delivery guy, and if you win the best out of three, you get a PRIZE. The prizes vary from day to day, but when we sussed Boozi out it was a free bottle of wine, so they’re not stinging on the prizes here.

boozi sydney alcohol delivery

Sure, you could just pop down to the local bottle-o and grab yourself the same bottle of $6 wine you always get, but where’s the fun in that? As they have the inventory of a festy bar, they have WAY more fun stuff than you’ll find at any old corner shop. Think craft beer, organic wine and pink gin.

Our pick of the pack would definitely have to be their Boozi Mixed Crate. Perfect for those who are super indecisive and/or love a bargain, you get three random bottles of wine and a mix of 18 ciders, beers and RTDs. For $49.99. This bad boy will ensure you’re well-stocked for any Friday night (or Wednesday, or Monday, who are we to judge?) knock-off drinks via Zoom.

boozi sydney alcohol delivery

If you’re a Sydney local and your whistle is in need of a-whetting, you can pop in your postcode and check out the stock available to you here.

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