Trying a green-based tan with SA brand Morning Glow

morning glow dark tan and tanning mitt

While a green-based tan might seem a little strange at first, when you think about it, it does make sense. You may have heard the term ‘olive-skinned’ before, and for us, it brings to mind images of beautiful Mediterranean woman with their enviable sun-kissed glow. That’s exactly what Morning Glow‘s self-tan range is trying to achieve, and we’re so here for that.

Proudly South Australian owned and made (we love anything SA), Morning Glow’s entire tanning range is cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Each product is made from organic ingredients, free from parabens and made from 100% natural DHA. Argan oil and aloe vera are used in the formula to help keep your skin moisturised, because nobody likes that dry itchy feeling when your tan starts to fade away. It’s also designed to be scent-free, streak-free, non-greasy and fast-drying, all of which can help you get a more even tan.

We were sent a couple of bottles of the Morning Glow Dark Self Tan Mousse and Morning Glow Luxe Tanning Mitt to try out and give our pasty winter coats a bit of a glow up. Because we’re good tanners, we shaved and exfoliated before applying the mousse to ensure we had no dry skin patches (dry skin patches = patchy tan city).

morning glow dark tanning mousse

Our first impression was that this mousse was DARK, it comes out really dark and goes on dramatically. We have to admit we were a little worried about how dark it was, because if there were any streaks or we missed a patch it would be super obvious. We probably took a little longer than normal to apply the tan as we were really making sure to smooth the product out and get every spot to avoid any mishaps.

Morning Glow says you can leave the tan on for two hours and then wash off for a dark tan, but it can be left on for up to six hours for a deeper and longer-lasting tan. As it was so dark upon application, we washed it off after 2.5 hours to see how it turned out. We LOVED the final result, it ended up being a really natural bronze colour that you couldn’t even really tell the difference in natural light, but when you compare the before and after photos Kristen’s legs were wildly different in colour. There wasn’t a single streak in sight either, so don’t worry about how dark it might seem upon application! After you wash it off you’ll be left with a lovely, natural-looking glow.

morning glow dark bronzing mousse before and after

If you’re after that European holiday glow in a bottle, you can use the code ADELAIDIAN10 for 10% off any purchase on Morning Glow’s online store.

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