Unparalleled Stage Presence – Scotland! @ Adelaide Fringe


When the Adelaide Fringe guide was released, there was a show that gained traction within these circles as a must-see. It was called Scotland! and the whispers said it was hysterical.

I get plenty of recommendations and take them with a grain of salt. After all, this festival has roughly 1300 different shows. Not all live up to expectations.

But Scotland! did not disappoint.

Presented with next-to-no dialogue and percussion using their bodies, this three-man troupe takes us on a peculiar journey through the Scottish Highlands and beyond. Utilising a bare stage and three stools, they fish, climb mountains, take on a stag, and battle the English amongst plenty more. It is equally hilarious as it is absurd. Scotland! is physical comedy at its finest.

The acting prowess of this trio becomes more evident throughout this hilarious performance, as the facial expressions become imperative to the comedic delivery. It is no wonder that they met at the prestigious Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris. From there, The Latebloomers were born.

Their connection on stage is beyond impressive, as they pantomime, clown, and occasionally sing their way through the stereotypical aspects of being a Scot. The best part? It’s done so by a Swede, a Brit, and an Aussie whose connections to Scotland probably don’t extend much further than their tartan-heavy outfits.

However, somehow this performance still captures a genuine essence of Scottish nuance due to our captivating and endearing trio. There are a few tender moments that balance out an otherwise fun-filled hour that will have you reflecting on the power of genuine on-stage charisma. Your smile won’t leave your face.

One aspect that really resonated with me after the show was that it was timeless in its content and oh-so-pure. Scotland! could have been performed fifty years ago or in fifty years time and still receive the resounding ovation that it was given on the night; a true testament to three men at the peak of their craft.

Take your Nan, take your mates, take the kids. This is one for everyone.

★★★★★   5/5 stars

Scotland! is playing at The National Wine Centre every night until the 17th March. Tickets available online or at The Fringe Box Office. 

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