Victor Wong X ZAFUL at London Fashion Week

This year, designer eyewear brand Victor Wong teamed up with leading fast fashion outlet ZAFUL for London Fashion Week SS19. The two labels collaborated to deliver a sleek, fashion-forward runway, complete with an array of daring looks and contemporary styles.

Held at 8 Northumberland Avenue, the night saw fashion folk unite to enjoy London Fashion Week’s very first eyewear collection showing on-schedule. It was a packed show, however, not chaotic as the event ran in an orderly and organised fashion.

The runway itself was also put together succinctly and ran ever so smoothly; it was clearly a well rehearsed showcase. That sense of order and immaculate presentation made this runway quite a memorable one for us.

Each look had a futuristic feel; we saw glasses that bore wildly unusual silhouettes, and even giant fur headpieces that consumed the entire head and face. Sharp edges, unique metal craftsmanship and asymmetrical cuts all added to the unique aesthetic of Victor Wong’s collection. These are definitely not looks for the faint-hearted.

ZAFUL’s pieces simply added to that futuristic element, dressing each model in simple yet statement styles. So as to not take away from the sunglasses, ZAFUL showcased their swimwear line, pairing each look with either a jacket or trousers made of holographic fabric.

After the finale, Victor came running out to thank the crowd, dressed fashionably and head-to-toe in all-white (fitting to that contemporary, put-together feel of the whole night). Victor has been widely congratulated on his successful London Fashion Week runway. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for the fashion world next!

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