Vlog: Trying Icelandic Food in Reykjavik

Before heading to Iceland, we’d heard A LOT of different rumours about the food there. From the infamous rotten shark to sky-high pricing, we really didn’t know what to expect what we went, but in all honesty the food was actually pretty great. In the vlog above we try some different Icelandic foods and talk about the places and prices, so you know what to expect when you embark on your adventure up north.

Of all the food we tried, the seafood definitely stood out for us. Ridiculously fresh and flavoursome, the lobster soup from Sægreifinn and the fish of the day from Íslenski Barinn were top of our list. The famous Icelandic hotdogs from Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur were also ridiculously addictive, and we think we went back about three times during our trip.

Traditional foods like the fish jerky and fermented shark were definitely worth trying as well, however they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. In the video above you’ll see what we thought of these treats, as well as the market we went to sample them. If you’re heading to the Kolaportið Flea Market and you just want a little taste of some of these interesting foods, don’t forget to buy something from there as well! While it’s lovely getting free samples, it’s a good gesture to return the kindness by purchasing something from their stall, whether it’s some smoked salmon or a little baked good.

While it was super fun trying all the different foods in the video, as you can see prices really vary and eating out for every meal can start to add up quickly. We went to a supermarket and bought a lot of our food to take around with us, and only really ate out for one, sometimes two meals a day.

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