WATCH ShockOne’s supernatural new video for ‘A Dark Machine’ single

Aussie drum and bass mainstay ShockOne has released the trippy official video for his latest single ‘A Dark Machine’.

The up-tempo track, featuring vocals by ShockOne’s (AKA Karl Thomas’) sister Reija Lee Thomas, takes us back to his early involvement in noughties electro-powerhouse Pendulum, and away from his more recent forays into the world of dubstep.

A classic, synth-heavy build-up gives way to infectious drumlines and a deadly, almost evil bassline as the smooth, sensuous vocals of Lee slice through the music.

The video itself, directed by ShockOne himself in collaboration with Perth director Matsu, is a chilling, retro-style clip, starring Lee and a couple of faceless, hooded figures.

Reminiscent somewhat of a slightly zany 80s sci-fi or, more recently, Stranger Things, the dark, eerie visuals complement the music, before a final build-up sees Lee morph in and out of an equaliser-esque framework of swirls and lines.

ShockOne will be touring ‘A Dark Machine’ nationally later in October, with a Thursday night show at Fat Controller on the 19th. Tickets are available here.


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