Why we’ve been loving Ultraceuticals skincare

It’s no secret that taking care of your skin is the key to aging gracefully, but it can be a nightmare trying to make a decision on what skincare products to actually use. A lot of us out there are really quite clueless when it comes to the products we use, the ingredients in them and the effects such products have on our skin. However, when we were invited into Lasertech Clinic Adelaide to meet with the team behind Australian skincare brand Ultraceuticals, we left feeling so much more informed about the needs of our own skin.

Stepping into Lasertech, we were warmly greeted by the Ultraceutical representatives and invited to have our skin scanned by a special machine before treatment. This particular machine took images of our faces and presented a detailed diagnosis of the skin’s dryness, discolouration, sun damage and so much more. Looking at these scans, we were able to pinpoint the main areas of improvement and could ultimately have our treatments customised according to our individual needs. What was also handy was that the staff could break down the diagnosis in a way that we could understand, void of confusing terminology or jargon. This meant that, alongside the visual representations of the scans in front of us, we could truly get a sense of what was going on with our skin.

With every problem area highlighted, Ultraceuticals had a product to help. We were given products targeting dryness and discolouration, as well as UV protection products to shield our skin from the harsh Australian sunlight. Having been given these products as gifts to take home, the Ultraceutical staff urged us to try using these exclusively in a routine for 2 weeks so we could easily track the improvement and changes to our skin.

Post-treatment at Lasertech Clinic with Ulraceuticals.

Post-treatment at Lasertech Clinic with Ulraceuticals.

And so, here we are, 2 weeks later and skin shining brighter than ever. In fact, we don’t think we’ve had a singular pimple or blemish on our face the entire time we’ve been trialling the products. One thing we love is that these products are backed up with strong scientific research rather than worrying about smelling nice or fussing over pretty packaging. Using highly active ingredients means that Ultraceuticals skincare can make a noticeable difference in a short period of time, which is precisely what we have experienced so far.

The Even Skintone Serum and Ultimate B2 Hydrating serum have been our hero products, clarifying our skin and plumping it with moisture. And, although we have recently moved to London and aren’t seeing too much sun, the UV Protective Daily Moisturiser is still a favourite. Over and over we are told the importance of protecting our skin from sun, and looking at the scans just made that point even more urgent. Having looked at the scan at Lasertech, there were these little freckle-like splotches all over our face highlighted in purple and, when we asked what they meant, it was explained very clearly to us: these splotches were representative of discoloration and sun damage underneath the skin. If you look at an elderly person, you might see brown dots and uneven skin colour on parts of their face, and this is all due to sun damage over time. So, in order to prevent or at least prolong these colour inconsistencies from developing on your face, you should be using a daily sun protection. The best thing about the Ultraceuticals UV Protective Moisturiser we use is its mattifying properties, meaning it steers clear of the creamy blockiness of normal sunscreen. Using this product won’t make you look oily or mess with your everyday makeup routine, which is a huge benefit to us.

The amazing Lasertech Spa.

The amazing Lasertech Spa.

We will definitely be keeping to this routine as we’ve had nothing but positive results thus far. Thank you to Lasertech for having us and for Ultraceuticals for shedding light on our individual skin needs! Let’s hope it’s not too late start getting our skin into tip-top shape.

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