Our blonde transformations with Zink the Element of Hair Adelaide

zink the element of hair

You might remember that waaaay back before we moved to London, we used to be bubbly blondes courtesy of Zink The Element of Hair in Adelaide. When we made the jump over the pond, we quickly found out that between a combination of the harsh water and lack of Zink’s salons, our once-luscious blonde locks were now anything but. After a quick change back to our natural colours, some adjusting by our bodies to the new environment and many vitamin supplements later, our hair was back to being healthy.

Fast forward two years and we had returned Adelaide. We made a beeline for our fave salon Zink, and now we’re back to being our best blondes again.

First of all, can we just say that the talented hair wizards at Zink TRULY WORK MAGIC. Kristen went in there with her natural, almost-black hair and with faint dreams of one day being blonde again. After two rounds of bleach and one round of dye, she was feeling herself again in a bright shade of blonde, a mere six hours later. What’s Zink’s secret to working hair colour miracles? Aside from years of professional experience, they know exactly what products to use to protect your scalp, your hair, and to also restore any damage that might have slipped through during the process.


One of the key products they swear by is L’Oreal Smartbond. We used to use it ALL THE TIME pre-London and can vouch for how good it is. It has a three-step process, one that’s applied when your hair is being colour treated to protect it, a concentrated in-salon treatment and then also a take-home treatment that you use as a conditioner. Using Smartbond to protect and restore Kristen’s hair is how Zink were able to take it from super dark brown to blonde in one sitting, and still keep it healthy and vibrant.

Mel went for a soft and subtle bayalage, and is TOTALLY IN LOVE. As she usually styles her hair with a soft wave in it, the natural-looking, ashy blonde Zink pulled through looks incredibly chic. Even though she didn’t have as drastic a change as Kristen, using Smartbond still helped to protect Mel’s hair and ensure it didn’t lose any of its shine or health, which is key no matter what colour treatment you’re going through.

Whether you’re after a simple cut or a massive makeover, we highly recommend Zink the Element of Hair in Adelaide. Whatever your hair dreams, they have the expertise and products available to help you achieve it the right way, so you can feel like your best you.

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