Book Launch: The Man on the Middle Floor

Last week, we were invited to attend the launch of Elizabeth S. Moore‘s brand new novel, The Man on the Middle Floor at The Club at The Ivy, Covent Garden. Walking into a buzzing room full of flowing champagne, delicious canapes and even a book-shaped cake, The Ivy set the perfect scene for Elizabeth’s exciting launch night.

The Man on the Middle floor is a book exploring autism and whether or not society is meeting the needs of those with the mental condition. Without giving too much away, the book tells a story from the eyes of three separate people – a young man with Aspergers, a doctor and an ex-cop – combined with the event of one mysterious murder, tying each of these people’s lives together. It is a novel that’s considered both thrilling and thought provoking, just as the video trailer (above) testifies to… well, so we think anyway!

Having not read the book ourselves yet, it’s safe to say we’re looking forward to this read. Author Elizabeth has worked as an award winning journalist and writer for some time now, writing all sorts of columns, restaurant articles, politics pieces and foodie reviews. This London local is an undoubted guru of the written word.

You can download the first two chapters here and start reading right away – alternatively, watch the above trailer to get a visual taste of what the book has to offer.

Man on the Middle Floor Book Launch

Man on the Middle Floor Book Launch

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