Club Swizzle: A state of mind

The old dog has returned to Adelaide with a bucket full of new tricks … and a whole lot of glitter.

Opening with a 1950s horror chord, the fabulously filthy Reuben Kaye greeted the Club Swizzle opening night crowd dressed to the nines in a powerful red jacket and sky high heels. Adorned with lusciously long lashes and clutching a microphone that I’m sure a lot of horses died for, the 2017 Adelaide Fringe Best Cabaret Winner stated that in Club Swizzle there is “no shame, no regrets and no fucking refunds”.

Acknowledging the “poor people” in the balconies above and asking the audience to send them care packages, the glorious MC introduced an incredible line up of talent for the evening’s two halves.

From a reverse striptease by Laurie Hagen to a haunting yet stunning hoop aerial routine by Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard, Club Swizzle came to play. New Zealand’s pride and joy in the Rubber Band Boy (Shay Horay) also dropped by to place rubber bands on his head, a talent he apparently holds a Guinness World Record for.

In a place where drinking staying hydrated is encouraged, the stage transforms into a fully functioning cocktail bar before and after the show, and in the intermission.

The crowd-favourite muscular mixologists known as The Swizzle Boys were back to defy gravity and the limits of human performance with their jaw dropping acrobatics and drink pouring skills. Featuring Canadians Joren Dawson and Will Underwood along with Australians Ben Lewis and Simon McClure, the foursome flipped, rolled, climbed and put most athletes to shame all while downing champagne, tequila and who knows what else.

The hilarious, forced and heavily sexualised audience participation in the form of a pole dancing competition also made it’s long awaited return. Two lucky contestants, including Adelaide ‘celebrity’ A.K. from Australian Survivor‘s latest season were strategically plucked from the crowd by Reuben to become the subject of many Snapchats and loose their dignity along the way.

As the lights dimmed and the show concluded, a sequin clad Reuben reminded the crowd that although “you don’t have to go home… you can’t stay here”.

Club Swizzle will show in Adelaide at the Space Theatre until New Years Eve. Seriously, book your tickets now.

Image credit: Kelly Carpenter

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