It’s a Father’s Union Iced Coffee, or it’s nothing

It’s not often that we put aside all the glitz and glam, but this week we seem to be hanging up the fur coat and trading it in for a Southern Cross flag, because we’re celebrating all things South Aussie.

As well as FruChocs Appreciation Day coming up this Friday August 25, Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee is having it’s own celebration, all in the name of dads.

For a limited time only, one of the best beverages in the world (and obviously the best iced coffee in the galaxy) is changing its packaging to celebrate all things fatherly, renaming itself Father’s Union Iced Coffee. Limited edition packaging will also feature slogans like ‘No. 1 Dad’, ‘The Boss’, ‘Big Fella’ and ‘Total Legend’, three of which can also be applied to various people in your life other than your father. We’ll let you figure out which ones.

If you’re like us and have a secret, deep-found appreciation for the liquid gold that is Farmer’s Union, you can pick up these limited-edition packs before Father’s Day on September 3. If you’re lucky, the local servo might even be dishing out a sweet 2-for$5 deal.

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