Flowers for Spring (groundbreaking)

In recent years, Adelaide has become a hotbed for aesthetically pleasing, gloriously bloomed, room brightening flowers and the season for those flowers to flourish is finally upon us. It’s hard not to be made instantly happy when given or purchasing a bunch of flowers and even a simple walk through a blooming garden can elevate contentedness within you.  

Flowers are the easy fix on a dreary day and the perfect pick-me-up for someone in need of a smile. It’s well known that Elton John used to spend thousands of dollars a month on ensuring fresh flowers were a constant in his house and we can certainly understand why. Raf Simons’ first haute couture showing at Dior was set in a building bordered by flowered walls, no square spared and embellished with ornate bloomed petals.  

Studies on flowers have noted that they trigger positive emotions to manifest inside of us and play a large part in improving the mental health of those that surround them. If that’s not an excuse to go out and purchase a bunch, we don’t know what is! Consider it a form of doctors’ orders to make you that little bit happier. Here are our favourite places around the city for you to get your hand on some blooms.  

  1. Fleur and Brew
    53 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000 
  2. Poppies Flowers
    363 Glen Osmond Rd, Glen Osmond SA 5064 
  3. The Flower Nook
    Topham Mall, 8/54 Waymouth St, Adelaide SA 5000 
  4. The Flower Depot
    Rundle Mall  
  5. Austin Bloom
    217/219 Flinders St, Adelaide SA 5000 


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