From solitude comes Soulitude, the latest musical release from Motez

motez new ep soulitude

While social distancing regulations in Australia have dealt a heavy blow on almost every industry, there’s no denying the arts is one that’s been hit the hardest. For musicians, in particular, cancellations of gigs, tours and festivals have put a lot of careers on hold. Finding a silver lining in a very dark cloud, Australian artist Motez has taken this time to reflect and get back to doing what he does best; making music.

Alongside the release of his new EP Soulitude which launched today, June 12, comes a cinematic live-stream experience filmed on the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula. Bouncing off the success of Awakening, an immersive experience held as part of the Royal Croquet Club in early 2020 to which Motez composed the soundtrack, it seemed a natural progression for him to get back to the soundscapes he grew up with.

Known for his ability to create ‘dance music with a purpose’, Motez composed the EP almost as a way to deal with the complexities and uncertainty surrounding the global pandemic:

“At the start, we didn’t know how long this was gonna go for, and you’re not really prepared for it. Where I grew up in Iraq, you almost know when the war is coming. You know when things are happening, you prepare both mentally and physically, and stock up. This one you had no idea what’s going on. How long it’s gonna go for, or what the effects are. That level of confusion really affected me, but towards the end I decided to really lean into what I do.”

motez new ep soulitude

Through channelling his experiences and emotions into Soulitude, Motez hopes his music can help the worries of the world melt away when people listen, even if only for a brief moment. The EP features his signature beautiful piano melodies, mesmerising vocal grabs and original recordings of sounds around him, translating what he can’t put in words into his music.

“Whilst feeling lost, I wanted to find more solitude in what I was making. I wanted the least amount of obstruction between what I’m making and what people are going to hear.”

Soulitude features five new tracks, which you can listen to now on all major streaming platforms. You can also catch the stunning live set on United We Stream Australia, a platform designed to shine the spotlight on Australian electronic artists during this tough time, while also raising money for good causes.

Click here to listen to Motez’s new EP Soulitude.

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