Head & Shoulders new Supreme 0% Purify & Volume range smells expensive like a hairdresser

head & shoulders 0% purify & volume shampoo and conditioner

It would be hard to find someone in Australia who didn’t know what Head & Shoulders is, and that’s because it’s a company that’s been around FOREVER. In today’s ever-changing beauty landscape that’s no easy feat, which is why we know that Head & Shoulders truly is a great product for those with dry skin and dandruff. The new Head & Shoulders Supreme 0% Purify & Volume range aims to do more than just take care of your scalp and hair though, being made with premium ingredients to give you a more luxurious hair-washing experience.

The new range using their incredibly nourishing formula that works to prevent dandruff, with a few little upgrades, like Argan Oil. Dubbed ‘liquid gold’ for your hair by the beauty industry, Argan Oil works to deliver essential nutrients to your hair and scalp like Vitamin A, Vitamin E and antioxidants, helping to protect and rejuvenate.

The range is also free from sulfates, parabens and colourants (where the 0% in the name comes from), so you can keep your hair free of any nasties that might irritate sensitive skin. The shampoo is also free from silicone however the conditioner is not, although there is a lot of debate about whether silicone is really all that bad. Give it a little Google and see what you find.

head & shoulders 0% purify & volume shampoo and conditioner

We got the chance to try it out, and the first thing we noticed when we squirted the product into our hand is the AMAZING smell. Head & Shoulders have worked to develop a patented technology that uses natural extracts to leave your hair smelling divine after washing. If you want to be walking around smelling like you just came from the hairdressers, this range is for you, scented gently of dewy florals, white musk and precious woods.

Whether you struggle with dandruff or just want to take good care of your hair while leaving it smelling delicious, you can find Head & Shoulders new Supreme 0% Purify & Volume range all over Australia, from supermarkets to pharmacies.

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