Katya Komarova to launch her SS18 Collection at AFF17

Next month will see Russian-born designer Katya Komarova showcase some of her latest pieces at the long-awaited 2017 Adelaide Fashion Festival.

The SS18 collection will be revealed on October 12 and it promises to include a new range of accessories and shoes, as well as some staple shirt dresses, blouses, skirts and trousers.

Ms. Komarova says she’s excited to share some of her latest work, to which she admits she’s sourced some inspiration from the 80s tile-matching game, Tetris.

“As a designer it is important to draw inspiration from everywhere and to always be creating,” Katya explains.

But her latest work won’t be too reminiscent of the retro video game; instead it looks set to adopt more simple forms and modest silhouettes.

“After having spoken with one of the buyers I work with, we took the idea further to 3D shapes of ‘Minecraft’. This was something I have never been familiar with, but it has created a very strong direction of my new collection,” she reveals.

Since the Katya Komarova brand was launched in 2014, sustainability has remained an important element, with much of the leather goods being ethically produced so that they are 100 per cent degradable.

The designer has regularly brought a refreshing and exciting aesthetic to her collections in the past and we anticipate that the October launch won’t be any different.

“There is lots of versatility in the new collection and I am looking forward to seeing how it is received when I present at Adelaide Fashion Week,” she says.

For a first look at the collection, tickets are available for AFF Runway 1 – Contemporary v Street: A South Australian Showcase.

Katya Komarova

Images: Nicole Fang

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