Last Minute Gift Ideas: The 5th

Okay guys, so Christmas is rapidly approaching and, for those of you who like to leave Christmas shopping to the very last minute (guilty as charged), we’re posting a series of Last Minute Gift Ideas recommended by The Adelaidian.

The first of our Last Minute Gift Ideas series – The 5th – is a trendy and modern Australian brand, built for the creatives and the forward-thinkers of our time. Their range of watches are much sought after, featuring a minimalist aesthetic and contemporary design.

While The 5th are most well known for their stylish watches, there’s a lot more to their brand than just that alone. Luxe journals, fashionable frames, bags and other such accessories are available to purchase off of The 5th’s website.

In fact, just recently, The 5th launched their new bag, aptly named The Weekender. The Weekender has been given its name due to its robust design; it’s a large, well-structured and roomy overnight bag, fit for sleepovers and carry-on luggage.

The bag is undoubted quality, made of a thick material that you know will endure a bit of wear and tear. A spacious interior ensures you can stuff your whole life in there if need be – maybe throw in the kitchen sink – and you’ll be a modern Mary Poppins in no time. We recently picked up a couple for ourselves and took a little photoshoot which we’ve included below.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… It’s nearly Christmas, how am I going to get items from The 5th shipped to me in time? Never fret, because The 5th have very conveniently made instant gift cards available to purchase online. Yes, that means at the click of a button you can purchase a $50, $100, $150 or $200 virtual gift card to be emailed to your loved one or yourself to print out. Handy? We think so, too!

Happy last minute Christmas shopping everyone!


Kristen Byass wears Australian Fashion Labels and Melissa Zahorujko wears Dark Thorn Clothing. Both wear Betts Shoes and carry The 5th The Weekender bag.

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