Modi Bodi launches new activewear collection

Period panties have definitely been rising in popularity lately, and we ourselves have really gotten on board the bandwagon with Modi Bodi’s comfy selection. However, have you heard about their new activewear drop? As well as period underwear designed specifically for working out, this new range features period leggings, too.

We were both sent the 7/8 Recycled Active Legging and some active briefs to give a test run for ourselves. At first, when I heard that the leggings are solo use, I didn’t think I’d want to wear them without underwear. Yet, when I actually gave it a shot, it just so happened to be perfectly fine! In fact, they were super comfy.

First of all, no undies = no wedgies. Now that’s a win if ever I saw one. Secondly, there is actually very little bulk — pretty much none — to worry about with these. You’d think it would have thick padding down there, however, the design is so lightweight, it feels just like a second skin. This keeps you feeling light and agile — perfect for running and cardio workouts. There’s nothing worse than a chafing pad when you’re pumping out those kms.

Of course, you can still wear underwear with your leggings if you’re feeling weird about wearing them on their own. And for reference, I’m someone who tends to get a pretty moderate and tolerable period flow. I cannot comment on behalf of someone who struggles with heavier periods.

Looks-wise, I really love the appearance of these leggings. They have this subtle sheen that gives them a high-quality vibe. They fit and flatter in the right places, with contour stitching to highlight the booty area. It gives my butt a real attractive lift! I also always love leggings that have mobile phone pockets, and this pair has a single side pocket with perforated holes to prevent trapping sweat.

The waistband is wide and cinching, with a hidden internal drawcord to further enhance your waist. They have a 7/8 length leg and the stretch fabrication is soft yet firm, smoothing out your silhouette effortlessly. I personally prefer a full-length leg, but these are sleek nonetheless.

One thing to note is that you might want to consider going up a size if you prefer a looser fit. These leggings are very fitted, particularly around the stomach, hips and butt. Naturally, this would make sense, as they are designed to keep in place so as to protect from leakage. It might not even feel like they will fit at first — just pull them up and have a feel for it, regardless of how tight it seems. I thought my regular size 10 (S) wasn’t going to fit, but now I realise they fit me like a glove. Kristen had her regular size 8 (XS) initially but went up to a size 10 instead.

As indicated on their website, you can read up on each product to find out about their absorbency properties. The 7/8 Recycled Active Legging is of moderate-heavy absorbency, meaning you can wear it on those heavier period days and still feel protected. It should take approximately 15ml or 2-3 tampons. The Active Brief we’ve also been wearing is light-moderate absorbency, which is 10ml or 2 tampons. And if you’re wondering, the underwear design is not as tight-fitting as the leggings — their undies run true to size.

Would you try period leggings? If so, make sure you check out the activewear range at Modi Bodi and let us know what you think.

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