Naked Sundays release stunning new mineral sunscreen

Naked Sundays Mineral Sunscreen

Bondi-born brand Naked Sundays is back at it again making SPF fun with its newest release, a 100% mineral sunscreen lotion. We’ve got our hot hands on a few new tubes, and just like the SPF 50+ Hydrating Glow Mist and the SPF 50+ Collagen Glow Creme we tried back in summer, we’re obsessed.

The first thing we were wondering when we heard about the SPF 50+ Collagen Glow Mineral Creme is what makes it different from the OG Collagen Glow Creme? The biggest difference seems to be that the mineral SPF is better for those with sensitive skin and can be safely used around the eyes without causing irritation. That’s because the sun protecting ingredient used is mineral zinc oxide, which is a natural ingredient that works to reflect UV rays.

Naked Sundays Mineral Sunscreen

Due to the use of natural minerals in the formula it does mean the Collagen Glow Mineral Creme is slightly thicker than the original Collagen Glow Creme, but still applies smoothly, doesn’t leave a white cast and has a velvety, glowy finish. It can be applied using the Naked Sundays SPF BFF Brush if you’re after a super flawless application, but we found it applies just fine with your fingers too!

There are some similarities between the two products too though. They’re both a four in one product that can work as your primer, moisturiser, SPF and a collagen booster and work well worn under makeup. Both use vegan collagen that’s been clinically proven to boost hydration and reduce fine lines and watermelon extract, so it smells really summery and fresh. As with all the products from Naked Sundays, they’re both 100% vegan and reef safe, so you can look immaculate and stay sun safe while also being friendly to the environment. Plus, the packaging is so vibrant and cute you’ll want to take it with you everywhere!

To check out the SPF 50+ Collagen Glow Mineral Creme, you can head to the Naked Sundays website or follow them on Instagram for vibrant and fun sun-safe content.

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